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PBS offers a better diagnosis for medical marketers and their organizations. It starts with result-oriented, integrated marketing services that deliver products and services designed to engage healthcare audiences with the correct type of communications at the right time. It’s continued with ongoing one source management system, OneCare, customized and order fulfillment center.


To help streamline print management, improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs, PBS has established our OneCare system to manage, organize, process and handle your healthcare print, forms, promo and marketing tools and needs.


We service the Healthcare industry on many different levels. Some of the products and services specifically designed to help you are;

  • OneCare System

  • Patient Handouts

  • Compliance Materials

  • CMS 1500 Form

  • Custom and Stock Indexes

  • Sign In Sheets

  • Perscription Forms

  • Healthcare Forms

  • Super Bills

  • Alpha, Numeric and Communication Labels

  • File Systems


In addition, PBS keeps sensitive information secure. We take HIPAA as seriously as our healthcare clients, strictly adhering to its policies and procedures.

PBS - Offers many Healthcare Products
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