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Professional Business Systems has been providing solutions to businesses since 1985.


While our customer base has included vertical markets from Health Care, Manufacturing, Commercial, Retail and Governmental segments, we have worked to provide solutions that meet the needs of all business in many areas. Even before computers, PBS supplied Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Systems that streamlined processes and made businesses more proficient.


As the computer age took hold, PBS continued to evolve with software compatible products for output devices over the past three decades. PBS also continues to advance, meeting the needs of businesses, through marketing and compliance, providing a broad line of direct mail, filing systems and creative services.


With marketing comes promotional products and PBS has expanded our product and service line to benefit businesses in this area. PBS continues to evolve. PBS has also moved into on-demand ordering systems bring efficiencies and money saving programs that are used in every day business operations.


Over the past 30 years, Professional Business Systems has developed into a multi-channel business offering a OneSource solution for promotional products, printing services, business documents, eCommerce solutions, multimedia services and total project management.


Learn more about PBS and what we can offer your business, what we value and how to join our team.

The History of PBS
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