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Mailing & Fulfillment Services

Direct mail, premiums, and literature fulfillment can have a major impact on the way customers perceive your business brand. But between printing, inventory management, postage and freight, executing accurately can be an involved undertaking. Professional Business Systems can help you save time and money with direct mail and fulfillment services through a global network that distributes billions of time-sensitive materials every year.


PBS’s fulfillment solutions help you move your marketing message out the door and into the hands of your prospects and customers on time. From simple self mailers or postcards to multifaceted, personalized mail campaigns, PBS will ensure your mail campaign is managed accurately and delivered on time, all within your budget.


We handle a completely managed mail and fulfillment system with operations that consist of:

  • Direct Mail

  • Inventory Management

  • Security Warehousing

  • List Fulfillment

  • Inserting

  • Kitting and Fulfillment

  • Pick and Pack

  • Database Management

  • Statement/Bill Delivery


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