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Security in Prescription Blanks

In 2007, Congress mandated that outpatient prescription pads and forms be written on tamper-resistant paper. Even with this law, counterfeit forms still manage to pass through the system. The cost associated with fraudulent prescriptions surpasses five billion dollars annually.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) addresses counterfeiting, copying and modification of prescription forms; however, they do not offer guidance in preventing theft or falsely issued prescriptions. Because of this, government and state approved vendors are including additional security features on the forms they produce. Some of the security features that can be utilized are: void pantographs, thermo-chromatic ink, security back print, unique serial number identification, barcoding, and micro-printing. Although no single security feature can prevent all types of counterfeiting, the combination of some or all of the features can greatly reduce the likelihood of forgeries.

Professional Business Systems is dedicated to producing prescription forms that cannot be counterfeited. All of our prescription forms meet or exceed the requirements of Medicare and Medicaid Services. We also produce forms that meet the requirements of the eleven states that have even more safety and recordkeeping laws that need to be followed.

Tamper-resistant prescription blanks are an essential tool in the fight against prescription fraud and drug diversion, however, there are other ways to avoid fraud. Many medical offices control access to the forms, use auditing procedures, install office surveillance equipment, and do routine employee education. As a team, we can work together to limit prescription fraud.

For more information about Security in Prescription Blanks or PBS-Professional Business Systems, call (800) 242-4230.

Tamper resistant order form

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