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Staying Branded 365 Days a Year

Are you looking for a simple and inexpensive way to keep your business on your customers’ minds on a daily basis? Promotional calendars are a great way to make that happen.

Promotional calendars are powerful branding tools. Your branded logo and contact information on an item that customers and prospects see every day is invaluable. If your business name is visible all day every day, the impact on your business can be significant. By giving away a branded calendar as a business gift or trade show giveaway, you can guarantee that your company receives daily marketing exposure.

To be certain that your customers and prospects choose your calendar over any others they receive, make sure to send them out early. Some businesses distribute their calendars as early as fall. If you wait too long, someone else might beat you to the punch. If you plan on running any direct mail campaigns during this time of year, think about including personalized calendars.

Calendars are one of the most widely-used promotional products so your business will be competing with others who have the same idea. To ensure that your calendars are used, you have to either provide a very appealing looking calendar or you have to get your calendars into your customers’ hands before anyone else does.

When you incorporate personalized items into your marketing campaign, you connect personally and emotionally with your customers. Both your current and future customers will not only stop and take notice, but you will also make them smile! Personalized products and images are more likely to stay with your customer longer, improve response rates, and be shared with more people; all because your customers feel extra special. The more relevant your calendars are, the more likely they’ll be used which means better odds of daily exposure for your brand.

Page 5 of our Full Color Catalog shows some of the many personalized, branded calendars we offer. Branded and personalized calendars are great promotional products that put your company’s name, contact information, locations, and message in front of your target audience 365 days a year.

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